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Sunshine on a Baby Snail

This morning when I left my house, it was foggy and kind of rainy. But by the time I got to work, the morning had transformed itself into a glorious sunny, warm, blue sky delight. So, on my way to get coffee, when I walked out of the back of my building, I walked along looking down because it was so bright. You never know what you'll see looking down. I saw the teeniest little snail on the still damp sidewalk. I wanted to get a picture of 'im. I knew he would probably still be there even after I walked to the cafe in the Tech Building, got my coffee and then back to my office to get my camera and then back out to snap the snail. That's the thing about snails, they're famous for being slow and this tiny one was especially slow.

Isn't he cute?

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But you can't appreciate how truly itty bitty he is until you see him next to my shoe.

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