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Dog Story

Earlier today, my parents stopped by to drop off their dog so I could sit on him for a few days... they're headed to N. Texas and then even further north for the start of dove season.

Snuffy used to always go dove hunting with my dad and loved it and was a great bird dog. But he's gotten so old... he can't hear, he doesn't see as well and the loss of his senses causes him to get freaked out and confused sometimes. He's lost his taste for adventure.

He's gotten to where he's really only comfortable in very familiar surroundings. And by familiar, I really mean just at home.

But my house will do in a pinch. At least he can just stay in the whole time, with brief trips out on a leash to do what little business he needs to do.

So, my parents dropped him off this morning and I happened to still be here, but I left for work soon after that.

This afternoon when I got home I noticed that I apparently didn't shut my door all the way. It wasn't standing open and it was locked, but because it wasn't closed all the way, I could just push it open. (Jeesh...)

We came in and Michael was going to take Snuffy out for a walk and went straight over to where his bed is in the corner of the living room and said, "Snuffy isn't here."

"What??" <-- That was from me, my voice full incredulity.

Is he on the sofa... nope.
Is he in the bathroom... nope.
Is he in Michael's room... nope.
Is he in my room... nope.

So... door slightly open + dog nowhere to be found = recipe for major freak out.

Who would I call? The police? Hello, I'd like to report a stolen dog? Call my parents? Someone broke in to my house and took nothing but your really old dog? Gawd, what am I going to do!?!?! <-- That was the nature of my freak out for about 15 seconds.

Now, if you live here you know we had bad storms this afternoon, and my clocks were blinking so not only did we have loud, zappy, boomy, rain-lashing storms, but my power had clearly gone off at some point, too.

All of which caused the dog who freaks out easily to get pretty scared.

He was hiding in the corner of my room on the far side of the bed where we couldn't see him until we walked all the way into the room.

He looked up at me like, "What...? Oh, you're here. What am I doing in here? Um. Nothing... I wasn't scared or anything. Yeah, sure, I guess I'll get up now. By the way, I'm SO glad to see you!"

And as I mentioned, he's deaf, so that's why he didn't come running out right away because he didn't hear us come in.

Oh, okay... now I remember how to breathe. Yay, I don't have to call my parents and tell them I left my front door open and someone stole their dog. WHEW!

We were all pretty happy to see each other after that.




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