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Super Bowl Nachos

Last night I couldn't fall asleep right away. And I didn't want to wake my BF by turning the light on to read. So I thought.

Which is usually a bad idea when trying to fall asleep. Thinking, for me, tends to lead to worrying and nothing kills the possibility of sleep quicker than worry. What do I have to worry about? I dunno. Nothing. Everything. The same things everyone worries about and no one should. It's just impossible not to do, especially once you really start trying.

But last night, instead of giving in to the temptation to worry... I made the perfect Super Bowl Nachos.

In my head.

These nachos are so Super Bowl-y and delicious, as I lay there, planning out how to make them into exactly the kind of crispy, creamy, rich, meaty, cheesy, hearty nachos I'd like to eat while watching the Super Bowl, it occurred to me that I ought to write this down. And that in doing so, the creation of these most perfect Super Bowl Nachos would become... a story.

There are some critical elements to Super Bowl Nachos. There must be chips, meat, refried beans and cheese... the basics. The chips and beans I thought I would probably pick up from my favorite Mexican restaurant in town because there are no better chips and beans on Earth than what are available there. Plus, that makes it easier and quicker.

But the meat... hmmm, the meat. At first I thought I would just brown some ground meat. Then spice it with taco seasoning? Well, that would be good, but I want the meat part to be... richer. Saucier. And wait... what if I did like... slow cooked brisket in a ranchero or guisada sauce or something like that?

Brown it good first and then slow cook the brisket in garlic, onion and beef broth. After it's cooked and it's falling apart, chop it.

Use the cooking liquid to create a peppery rich gravy with tomato paste, achiote paste, plenty of pepper and a bit of chili powder and cumin. When I puree the garlic and onion that's been cooking down, that will make it deeper and thicker.

So I'd lay down a good bed of chips and then put on some of the beans. I could even add flavor to the beans by stirring in some toasted ground cumin. That always makes creamy refried beans taste even creamier to me.

Then on top of that, I'd ladle the saucy slow-cooked, melt-in-your-mouth tender chopped brisket mixed in its spicy gravy.

The nachos would then be drizzled with globs of creamy Queso Blanco Caliente. Melted white American cheese with pureed San Marcos jalapenos stirred in. A tangy-er, zesty-er version of your everyday queso.

Then I would slip the pan into the oven for just a few minutes so it could all heat and melt together. The edges of the chips would get crispy and toasty, the meat and beans and cheese would get hot and bubble together.

To top these nachos: chopped tomatoes, green onions and a bit cilantro. Garnished with cold salty green cubes of avocado and little white soft peak islands of sour cream.

Super Bowl Nachos.

I'd like for the underdog to win the Super Bowl, but either way, since neither team is near or dear to my heart, I'd just like to see a good game. And some good commercials. I'm definitely expecting a visit from the eTrade baby. I hope he hasn't been riding the dog like it's a small horse again. Naughty baby.

I think we'll make it a point to drink some beer and eat... Super Bowl Nachos.


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Dawn Jones-Fry
Jan. 26th, 2011 04:42 am (UTC)

I have never wanted nachos so badly in my life!

You may have an extra guest for the super bowl!;-)

Dawn <3
Jan. 27th, 2011 07:56 am (UTC)
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