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I get off work at 1pm on Fridays now through the summer. We pay for that by working until 5pm Monday through Thursday, but it's only an extra 1/2 hour and that is totally worth it.

So this past Friday, Mom brough Michael to town and we went apartment shopping. And while we ate lunch and apartment shopped, I got new back tires on my car.

A quick word about that: WHAT a tremendous difference THAT has made! Now all the money I spent getting new struts and an alignment are noticeable. Those old back tires had gotten worn into the pattern of the mis-aligned, wornout struts so that even after the new struts and the alignment, the car was still REALLY shaky and wobbly. Now it's smooth as silk. Ahhhhh...

Apartment shopping: we only ended up seeing two. One of the ones we saw was just outstanding! LOVED it. Can't afford it. Well, won't afford it is more like it. My mom keeps trying to talk me into all the ways I could afford it, but I'm not doing that because if I do, I'll NEVER have the slightest bit of breathing room in my budget and no hope of saving anything. So, we'll settle for something slightly less than great for a year and then re-assess from there.

The other place we looked at that I had looked at earlier last week was adequate, although, I may not end up there anyway. It got late more quickly than we realized so we didn't get around to seeing everything. There are four more places I want to see next week that might be slightly better than the other place I have seen. Which, as I said, is adequate but that's the limit of what I can say about it. Adequate.

Oh, and we ate lunch at Vera Cruz. We went to Olive Garden hoping for the all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks... but they wanted us to wait for 25 minutes. So we said no thanks and went to Vera Cruz and had perfectly delicious chicken fajita taco salads. Yum.

After apartment shopping we drove by Michael's new school. I can't wait for him to go there. Oh, shoot... I forgot to get pictures of it. I will though, don't worry.

We finished all that and I picked up my car and I'd promised Michael we'd go by Blockbuster so he could rent a video game for the weekend. Then we stopped at the auto parts store and I bought an air filter for my car and put that in when we got home.

Mom and Dad went to happy hour at the marina... I had cocktails here... seems like we all had our fill because we sat outside after they got home at 10:30pm and talked and watched the dogs play and Michael ran around like crazy. The weather was nice. There was a good breeze and a full moon.

None of us had any dinner on Friday night, that was the deal. Mom and Dad had literally nothing, Michael had pop-tarts and chocolate milk and I had some chips and salsa. Meh, we made sure to have a good breakfast on Saturday morning. Coffee and OJ, eggs, toast... Michael had bacon and not coffee but he did have OJ.

Otherwise, Saturday was a pretty low day... nothing much got accomplished, but we did have a lovely dinner: Grilled Salmon with Wasabi Mayonnaise and Stir-fry Veggies. Oh was it good!

The wasabi mayonnaise was just light mayo and a whole tube of wasabi paste, plus grated ginger, lime zest and a little bit of lime juice. Wow, that is so delicious, especially on the grilled fish.

For the veggies, I just did carrot and onion, broccoli, sugar snap peas and mushrooms. I stir fried that in some chili oil and sesame oil then threw in some minced garlic and minced ginger and shook on some red pepper flakes and doused it with a bit of Maggi (which is just an extra salty version of soy sauce). That was also delicious and fresh.

This morning's breakfast was toast with ham, tomato and melted cheese and a little cup of grapefruit sections.

Today is all about cleaning and laundry. After I post this entry I'm going to get started cleaning my bathroom. I really badly don't want to, but it's on my nerves how icky it is so I'm forcing myself. Then I have a bit of general tidying to do, take out some trash and vacuum. Plus fold the laundry I've been working on.

Everyone has already had baths... well, Michael and I have, and that means I won't have to bathe Michael right before he goes to bed, which I never end up wanting to do. I have no choice during the week, that's only time we have to do it. But on weekends I bathe him after we eat breakfast (whatever time that happens to be).

I also need to finish reading for my Criminal Profiling class. Yuck. More gruesome and horrifying descriptions of the actions of deranged people.

And that got me thinking about Tony Shiu again... I was contact by a production assistant from America's Most Wanted about him and he had read my blog and seen that I'm a grad student studying criminal justice, so he wanted to know what I thought about why Tony would have done what he did.

My opinion on that is that Tony's problem is more of a psychological nature than sociological. The main focus of criminal justice curriculum is sociological theory with elements of psychology. Which is to say that I have my ideas about Tony, but my other focus has been communications rather than psychology. I just had the one Abnormal Psychology class and that was all about definable mental disorders such as schizophrenia. I don't think Tony is crazy, but I certainly do think he has some kind of social disorder. Maybe he needs help.

It did occur to me this morning though that if he is not apprehended and he does not get help, depending on how long he's been wanted, the odds are extremely high that in order to survive he will be forced into a criminal subculture. This is what happens to those who cannot remain members of society (particularly sex offenders, even those who have served their time), their only option is criminal subculture that will serve to hide the person from law enforcement, but also enable them to "make a living" through crime and continue their own criminal activity.

I hope that doesn't happen to Tony. His behavior certainly deserves sanction, however, considering what he was like in HS, I think he himself would be victimized by being forced into a criminal subculture (worse than in prison). He'd be much better off just turning himself in and doing his time. His actual time served will probably be minimal compared to a lifetime spent existing within a criminal subculture, although sex offenders have a REALLY hard time of it even after time served what with them having to "register" so he won't have an easy go of it no matter what. And I think it's a given he'll never be allowed to practice medicine again.

I referred the production assistant who called me to Paula, too. She knows WAY more about all the people we went to school with than I do. I mean, I left after 10th grade and I only remember him from the one class. She graduated with Tony. She knows what happened to people who might've known him better. Which may have good results in completing an interesting segment about Tony on AMW and, even better, may result in his apprehension. Certainly EVERYONE we went to school with knows now that he's wanted because Paula contacted another classmate of ours who was in charge of arranging class reunions... he has tons of contact information for our classmates.

Anyway, back to my weekend: we're having another great dinner tonight. Chicken fajita cobb salad. I'm going to arrange the salad cobb style, so my dad will grill the fajita chicken and I'll lay that over a bed of lettuce along with fresh, homemade pico de gallo, corn, black beans, jicama, avocado and pepper jack cheese and then top with tortilla chips. For the dressing, I'm going to turn the lime juice, toasted cumin and olive oil dressing I made into an aioli by adding an egg yolk and using the hand blender on it. I'm also going to add some chili powder and maybe a bit of cayenne to zip it up. Mmmm, can't wait for that.



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